Is Gamebillet a safe and legit site for game codes? Answered

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The market for online game code is very saturated and many sites offer video game titles at discounted prices. However, for all types of markets, there is a real danger of buying codes from dangerous and untrustworthy websites. Therefore, it is extremely important to research it properly to ensure that you get the best deal from a truly legitimate site.

Gamebillet is one of the earlier sites since it has existed at least since 2015. It is currently based in the UK and serves customers in 193 different countries. Sells digital codes for various computer games, including pre-orders. The site is not considered an “unauthorized reseller” because it acts as an intermediary between the authorized distributor and the publisher.

Is Gamebillet legitimate?

According to the official website, it is an “authorized dealer”. In the statement from a Gamebillet representative stated that the website does not support code removal. Code stripping essentially removes any foreign debugging or other data from the source code, which in this case would mean removing all data associated with the game’s code source. The representative also clarified that Gamebillet never sold games that should be physical, and that the source of its codes is from the publisher.

Gamebillet currently has very few reviews Trust Pilotbut the few there are overwhelmingly positive. Its overall rating is 4.8 with a total of 402 reviews, with an excellent rating of 92% and a bad rating of 0%. So far, users seem to consider this site very safe and trustworthy and have not left any negative reviews. There are also no major controversies, which is another positive sign. The safest way to make purchases from this and other sites is through PayPal to ensure buyer protection.

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