Is Deathloop cross platform/crossplay?


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Deathloop, Arkane Lyon’s stylish time-curved FPS, is launched on September 21, 2021. The title is interesting for many reasons, not least because it only runs on PC and PS5. Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Arkane by ZaneMax Media in March, Deathloop, which once became exclusive to PlayStation, is now moving towards this unusual dual-platform release. And what more, The exclusivity clause of the PS5 console ends on September 14, 2022when Deathloop is likely to get on the Xbox Series S / X.

While the basic experience of Deathloop is a narrative single player campaign, baked in it is a persistent multiplayer feature that Dark Souls players will know. While players go through the campaign as the protagonist of the Colt game, other players can attack their game session and take control of Colt’s nemesis Julianna. Julianna is a killer whose only goal is to catch Colt, and when he controls her, the attacker will have to figure out how to outsmart and eventually defeat Colt before completing his mission.

If you do not want to deal with other players in the game, you can turn off the invasion feature. Julianna will still be there because she is an important part of the Deathloop story, but she will be controlled by the AI ​​and will probably be much easier to deal with.

Given this exciting multiplayer feature, many players wonder if Deathloop will include crossplay, which will allow PC and PlayStation 5 (and beyond, Xbox Series S / X) players to play together and challenge each other’s campaigns across different platforms. Arkane Lyon does not yet indicate whether crosssplay or cross platform features will be included in Deathloop at startup, or will be supported later. Given the optional small nature of multiplayer, it seems unlikely that the studio will allow any form of crossplay or cross platform features in Deathloop.

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