Is Boundary cross platform/crossplay?

FPS tactical limits

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Boundary, the upcoming zero-gravity tactical shooter from Studio Surgical Scalpels, is set to launch in the summer of 2021. This first-person shooter aims to defy established FPS conventions and separate players from the ground they take for granted. fight in the ruthless vacuum of space. Early footage of the game shows that Boundary plays as a hybrid between a first-person shooter and a flight simulator.

Apart from this quite significant change, Boundary is not very different from games like CSGO or Rainbow Six Siege. This game pits teams of players against each other in goal-based or kill-based matches, which usually consist of short rounds followed by a reset. Each player can choose from a small list of characters with unique abilities and specializations. Replacing different weapon attachments and suit parts is an essential part of customizing the game, which also includes cosmetic options.

Boundary is set to run on PCs and PlayStations 4, and should be available later. Studio Surgical Scalpels has not confirmed whether any form of cross-platform game or even cross-gen will be available at launch. However, Boundary CTO Frank Mingbo Li said in two separate interviews that the studio would like to implement crossplay features and that it successfully tested crossplay between PC and PlayStation 4 during development. While crossplay may not be available immediately, Boundary players could potentially enjoy until they arrive in a row.

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