Is Bless Unleashed cross platform/crossplay?

Bless Unleashed is a free massively multiplayer online hero game available on various platforms. This game can be played on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. This cross-platform nature leads people to wonder if Bless Unleashed is cross-platform / crosssplay.

Unfortunately, Bless Unleashed does not support cross platform or crossplay, and each platform acts as its own enclosed garden. If you play on the Xbox, you’ll only be able to play with friends who also play on the Xbox, etc. It seems that the developers don’t intend to bring this feature into the game at any time, unless tweets created by fans who asked is anything to go through.

In Bless Unleashed, you explore the world of Lumios, which was ravaged by a man-made disaster. Strange animals have appeared to try to punish the production, and the game is full of strange lands that need to be explored, monstrous bosses that need to be defeated, and many classes that try and improve.

Players can combine five unique classes and four different races to create a character worthy of receiving blessings from the gods. Each class has its own attacks, combinations and abilities to test their combat skills.

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