Is Ashes of Creation down? How to check the server status

Image via YouTube Intrepid Studios

Online games can be a bit fickle, especially for larger platforms, where more players will actively try to join the game series. Because Ashes of Creation is an MMO, you can expect to run into a problem connecting to the server so often and find yourself wondering if the problem is at your end or with the developers behind the game. However, there are several ways to thoroughly review this information so that you can learn it yourself.

For those who have downloaded the Ashes of Creation launcher, load it and there is a small tab called “Server Status” at the bottom left of the launcher. Click on it to go to the Intrepid Studios developer website, which lists the status of the game server and any errors that have occurred in the last two weeks. You can visit it page here.

See if the developers posted any issues as to why they had to remove the server for any reason, the current state of the server, and any updates the team wanted to provide to the community.

The Ashes of Creation development team also has a support twitter page that you can follow to get up-to-date information on issues. You can skip here at any time if you can’t connect to the server, and the Intrepid Studios support page says everything is working properly. You can follow them here.

These are the two best ways to receive the latest Ashes of Creation updates directly from Intrepid Studios.

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