Immortals Fenyx Rising Resources Guide: How to upgrade your health and gear, and unlock new Abilities

Fenyx Rising Resources: How to enhance your health and gear and unlock new talents

You can change your gear and weapons at any time whereas taking part in Immortals Fenyx RisingYou will want to go to the Hall of the Gods and collect particular sources if you would like to enhance your stuff.

Once you full the preliminary mission and get The wings of Daidalos, it is possible for you to to obtain Hall of the gods. Hermes will information you thru all of the obtainable stations that may allow you to improve your health and stamina, cook dinner potions and most significantly enhance your gear and unlock new ones Abilities.

But earlier than you are able to do any of this, you may want to collect the assorted sources scattered across the map and full challenges and safes to become profitable Coins of Charon and get Lightning Dia. These will be collected just by filling them out Myth challenges and opening Epic chests and Safe chests.

With that in thoughts, let’s check out what you want to search for, the place to discover them, and what you should utilize them for.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Where to discover sources

Resources usually are not uncommon in Immortals Fenyx Rising, however discovering extra like Ambrosia, Coins of Charon and Lightning Bolts of Zeus requires extra effort than discovering some mushrooms. Below you may see every sort of useful resource subsequent to its perform and the place to discover it:

Source sort Where to discover them What it’s used for
Pomegranates In baskets by statues, in timber. Supplements the health of consuming and cooking wholesome potions.
Blue sponge On the bottom, within the bushes and cliffs. It dietary supplements endurance when consumed and is used to put together potions for endurance.
Olympian fig In the meadows, bushes and close to the statues. Used to cook dinner Attack potions.
Flower nectar Near water, in bushes and pastures. It is used for cooking defensive potions.
Ambrosia Can be positioned utilizing Far Sight. Found close to cliff edges and onerous to attain locations. Used to improve general health.
Lightning Dia Safe chests. Used to improve general endurance
Coins of Charon By finishing the Myth Challenges and some chests within the vault. Used to upgrade and unlock talents
Adamantine shards Found by destroying bushes or breaking massive crystals. It is available in 4 colour variants: yellow, blue, crimson and purple. Used to enhance armor and weapons.

It will be fairly a time-consuming job, gathering all the things you want and touring again to the Hall of the Gods to enhance all the things, nevertheless it’s value having a variety of new energy in your arsenal once you come up in opposition to one other boss or a demanding enemy. Fortunately, they exist Cauldrons of Circe dotted across the map, permitting you to cook dinner potions within the wild, so be careful for the little ones purple bottle icon.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to upgrade your gear and unlock new Abilities

To upgrade your weapons and armor and unlock new ones Abilities, go to Hall of Gods and varied stations in it. There is a separate station for every activity, comparable to cooking potions, rising your endurance, and a bench to upgrade weapons and armor, so go to the station to full the duty.

Here is the place you may upgrade every ingredient when you attain the Hall of the Gods:

  • River Styx Tank: Improve divine powers and talents
  • Zeus’ bench: Use lightning to improve endurance
  • Kylix from Athens: Use Ambrosia to enhance your health
  • Forge of Hephaistos: Upgrade your weapons, armor and potions
  • Cauldron of Circe: Brew Potions (may also be discovered on this planet)
  • Hermes’ Heroic Task Board: Collect new day by day and weekly challenges

When unlocking Abilities, you may select to unlock and God’s energy or a capability associated to a selected weapon, comparable to your sword or ax. There are loads of choices to swimsuit any fashion of play you want, so learn all of them and select what fits your wants. Weapon talents are mainly new combos and you may revisit your talents at any time by means of stock provide when you overlook how to make a mixture.

In addition to weapon-based talents, there are talents that allow you to collect sources by means of telekinesis, allow you to soar in any path to climb quicker and enhance your secret abilities. If that is not sufficient, you too can change your look and voice Aphrodite’s chairIf you’re feeling like spice it up a bit, and take some day by day and weekly duties from Hermes.

If you are simply getting began with Immortals Fenyx Rising, try our prime suggestions web page right here.

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