Immortals Fenyx Rising gets a cross-over with Netflix’s Blood of Zeus

Immortals Fenyx Rising gets cross-over with Netflix’s Blood of Zeus

From at present, individuals can expertise a time-limited transition between Netflix’s Blood of Zeus and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortals Fenyx Rising gamers will be capable of immerse themselves in a Blood of Zeus quest and buy a model new character pack and weapon pack.

Now, by January 28, in a quest referred to as Tribute to the Blood of Zeus Family, gamers will take two creatures from one other world: Chimeru and Cerberus.

After finishing the duty, you’re going to get an Eagle pendant and utterly new character customization choices tied to the Blood of Zeus.

There can also be a new weapon pack that features skins with a Blood of Zeus motif on your sword, ax and bow. And you can even get a pack of characters designed by the Amazon warrior Alexia, which comes with themed armor, a helmet, wings, a mount and a phoenix companion.

The weapon pack and character pack could be bought at any time, even after the crossover occasion.

Blood of Zeus, previously often known as Gods & Heroes, is an animated tv for Netflix set on the earth of Greek mythology. The collection focuses on Zeus’ son, Heron, who’s attempting to avoid wasting Olympus and Earth.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is launched on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch and Stadia.

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