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Custom Ammunition Hunt Showdown

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With its own ammunition, Hunt: Showdown has introduced a thick new layer of meta gameplay that allows players to optimize their expenses for specific purposes and game styles more than before. The custom ammunition updates it has flooded the gaming arsenal with dozens of new types of ammunition and created a great variety of options, many of which are not fully competitive. While almost every type of ammunition in Hunt: Showdown can achieve results under the right circumstances, a large number of them are inconsistent, disproportionately expensive, or otherwise imperfect. In this guide, we’ll highlight which custom ammunition types in Hunt: Showdown give you the most money.

Fire ammunition

There are currently three types of ammunition with their own ammunition in Hunt: Showdown: incendiary projectile, Dragonbreath grenades and Starshells. The clear winner among them is incendiary compact ammunition, which you can buy for a number of Winfield rifles, for many reasons. For starters, replacing your standard shotgun shells with one of your own bullets disables your ability to fish with single-shot weapons up close, which seems to be the primary purpose of shotguns in Hunt: Showdown. You don’t have to set people on fire if you can simply knock them down with basic ammunition, so Dragonbreath and Starshells are not recommended.

Medium and long incendiary ammunition is also an alternative because it reduces the effective damage and penetration of the weapons that use it. These are long-range rifles such as Mosin and Sparks, which are highly priced especially for their damage and penetration; Paying for the loss of these benefits is counterintuitive. These weapons also tend to shoot slowly, making it difficult to ignite players. Incendiary ammunition sings the player only on the first connection, thus temporarily reducing their maximum health by a small amount; if you manage to hit a second shot on the same player within the next five seconds, it will ignite and permanently lose maximum health during burning.

For this reason, compact incendiary ammunition is your best choice in this category. The weapons that use it are the Winfield range of rifles, the LeMat revolver and the Bornheim submachine guns. By default, these weapons fire quickly or with benefits such as Levering and Fanning, allowing you to immediately ignite your opponents and compensate for reduced missile damage with just bullet volumes. Winfield rifles in particular are a great choice for incendiary custom ammunition because they are cheap and flexible and can work quickly with Spider and Assassin bosses who are vulnerable to fire.

Custom ammunition box Hunt Showdown
All custom types of ammunition are replenished from these UwU boxes. Reddit’s review Paradox_Wolf

Utilities and explosive ammunition

There are two types of ammunition in the Hunt: Showdown, which are not intended for combat, but rather as tactical options: the Choke bolt and the Chaos bolt. They are cheap and efficient, and you can equip them with the same hand crossbow, effectively adding a lot of additional usefulness to your cargo without sacrificing tool slots.

Explosive wheels also provide some usefulness. They can detonate barrels with a single shot and can instantly destroy doors, allowing you to smash buildings faster. However, explosive ammunition is generally not a good choice in Hunt: Showdown because it completely removes the penetration of your weapon. Explosive bolts for crossbows in particular are a terrible choice. The crossbow has a limited range and shoots slowly and the arrows fly a clumsy trajectory, making it almost impossible to land headshots.

One explosive type of ammunition we can recommend is for the Springfield range of rifles. Springfield rifles are cheap and effective and can be equipped with two separate types of ammunition, allowing you to carry explosive rounds and also maintain a pile of ordinary ammunition.

Dedicated PvE ammunition

Since almost all Hunt: Showdown players fired poison at the beginning of the match, all kinds of poisons in their own ammunition are almost useless for PvP. They also have reduced base damage and penetration. Poisonous ammunition shines against monsters. Kills most things in one or two shots, and this includes the Immolators, who are currently the most hated enemy of AI in Hunt: Showdown, and for good reason.

Your best options for poison ammunition are Nagant Silencer pistols and hand crossbows. Nagant is inexpensive and allows you to travel quickly and discreetly on the map, easily cleaning monsters and silencing noise traps. The hand crossbow, for its part, helps a lot in the boss’s lair. Each bolt creates a lingering poisonous cloud on impact, which quickly depletes the health of every boss passing through it, except, of course, Spider. These clouds can also be used to temporarily deny entry to buildings to those rare rare hunters who forget to take poison shots.

Pennyshot is your go-to for killing bosses. This custom ammunition is cheap, rich, can be used with almost any shotgun and will cause destructive damage to anything right in front of you. Its use against common monsters is exaggerated and its use against hunters is reckless because it has no penetration and lower effective range than a normal buckshot. For these reasons, you should save it to fight the boss.

Custom Ammunition Hunt Showdown
Unfortunately, you can’t equip Pennyshot on LeMat. Picture of Crytek

Dedicated PvP ammunition

In Hunt: Showdown, there are several custom types of ammo that are designed specifically for use against other players. These are Spitzer wheels, Full Metal Jacket rounds, High Velocity rounds, DumDum rounds, Flechette shells and snails. Each has a special advantage to help you take down other players, such as increased penetration or the ability to cause bleeding. In return, they also usually cost a lot and come with disadvantages such as stronger recoil or reduced muzzle velocity. For most types of ammunition focused on PvP, the compromise is not good enough to justify the price.

However, there are some exceptions. Compact rounds from an all-metal jacket are generally a direct upgrade for the weapons you can take with you, which are Caldwell Conversion and LeMat. These pistols are inexpensive and have large stockpiles of ammunition, and you can use them with FMJ rounds to throw players over the types of covers that normally stop compact ammunition.

Then there are the Slugs, who are cruelly expensive and actually reduce your total ammo. However, this is completely balanced by how strong snails are in PvP. This custom ammunition will replace the shotgun with a single projectile with better penetration and effective range. This means that you can fish with disposable hunters for longer distances and over a thicker cover than you would normally have with a shotgun.

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