How to whack mobsters in BitLife

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If you need to eliminate a gangster in your mafia, you will have the option of doing it yourself or having other members of your family do it for you in BitLife. It will usually be better if you do the work yourself, so that you know that you have done everything right and that you have hidden the tracks. For those trying to meet the Goodfellas challenge, you will need to complete the challenge five of them from your family.

When you try to eliminate so many members of the mafia, you have to be careful. Taking immediate care of them when you join a family can be a bit risky. When you decide to strike a member of your mafia, you usually cover your evidence quite well, which makes it difficult for others to figure it out. But the police and your mob family could find out. A good way to make sure you are not accused and excluded yourself is to have a high relationship with all members of the mafia and you are high in the organization. You can start doing this when you become a non-commissioned officer, which means that you take care of everything at the head of the family.

You can choose to strike any member of your mafia family by going to the mafia occupation screen, viewing your co-workers, and selecting them. Sometimes it’s better to do it when they’re accused of being rats, because then everyone will want to see them away anyway.

It can be difficult to figure out when to go best with this procedure. Recheck your relationship with other members of the mafia, the person’s relationship in the mafia, and see if you can convince others that the person is a rat.

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