How to watch the Genshin Impact 1.6 update stream

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Genshin Impact is constantly rolling forward like a massive boulder that cannot be stopped. Other updates. 1.6, should arrive in June and as always we will receive a live broadcast covering some important details of the release.

There are a lot of leaks and rumors about the upcoming 1.6 update, so fans are very much looking forward to confirming some of the potential systems that are on the way.

When is the Genshin Impact 1.6 stream?

As always, the stream will take place in Chinese on May 28 Genshin Impact Bilibili website. You can watch the stream at 8:00 ET or 5:00 PT. English speakers will be able to watch the official English version of Stream a few hours later Genshin Impact Youtube at 12:00 Eastern Time, 9:00 Eastern Time.

There will also be a lot to cover, with upcoming changes and expansions to the Serenitea Pot game system, which allows players to build their own homes, and lots of rumors swirling around the skin system, which seems to make its way into the game.

A new character named Kazuha is said to appear, which will hopefully be confirmed. There are also rumors of a new ship system and summer archipelago, so the stream should be filled with information that people can enjoy.

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