How to use the Boosted Loader Hop-Up in Apex Legends

Hemlok and Wingman

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Have you ever had a maximum weapon magazine in Apex Legends, but still want more shots? If so, your wish has been granted, because there is a Hop-Up to help you with that. Hop-Up with an improved loader was introduced in Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence and can give you a few shots in the right situations. Sadly, it is not compatible with any submachine guns, but it is still compatible with two heavy attackers: Wingman and Hemlok.

Boosted Loader is the third Hop-Up to be compatible with Wingman during the life of the game, and the first Hop-Up to ever be compatible with Hemlok. Now let’s look at how to use the Hop-Up Boosted Loader.

Using Boosted Loader

Unlike some Hop-Ups, which give players only one benefit, Boosted Loader actually gives players two main benefits. This means that the benefits come with a condition that must be met.

Assumption: When reloading a weapon, you must have little ammunition, but not outside. Otherwise (if you reload to 0, or there are too many shots left) it will load as usual without any benefits.

Advantages: If the assumption is met, the first advantage is that you will have an increased loading speed when reloading. The second advantage is that your magazine is “overloaded”, so the next round will have an increased amount of ammunition.

Managing this hop-up is easier in single-firing modes, but even more powerful when used with blast mechanics. Just be aware that with a fire explosion it is easier to hit zero ammunition without realizing it. Pay attention to the number of shots.

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