How to use Fireworks with an Elytra in Minecraft

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Flying through the air is a relaxing feeling that people will not experience enough. Sure, you can hop on a plane, but it’s relatively tame and boring. We need something like a jetpack or wings that allow us to jump from the mountains and hover in the sky. Fortunately, if you play Minecraft, you can prepare for it if you come across Elytra. Here’s how to use Fireworks with Elytra in Minecraft.

Before you can use these two items together, you must first purchase Elytra and a Fireworks. You will find Elytra in The End after defeating Enderdragon, while Fireworks needs to be created.

To create fireworks, you will want to collect paper and gunpowder. If you want to create good looking Fireworks, you have to create Firework Stars, but we don’t want them for Elytra purposes, because they would hurt you if you play in Survival. Make as many rockets as you want, and then equip your Elytra with a chest section.

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Now that you have your Elytra and your Fireworks, you’re ready to fly. First, jump off the high ledge and start gliding with Elytra. If you want to get a higher altitude or go faster, focus so that you don’t hit anything, then use your Firework in your hand by pressing the left trigger on the console or right-clicking on the PC. This will send the rocket for you and you will move forward for a short time. Continue to use fireworks in a row to get the highest speed possible.

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