How to unlock the AMP63 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Veterans of the Black Ops series may remember the PM63 submachine gun in the original game and are now back as a pistol called the AMP63. Is it fair? Maybe not. Regardless, it is a fully automatic weapon, which is very close due to its high rate of fire and damage. To get the maximum effect, players can control these bad boys in two ways. As a late addition to the third season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, players could still try AMP63 in Zombies Outbreak and Gun Game.

While you’ll be able to unlock the AMP63 by purchasing its Blueprint version in the Store package, you can also earn it by completing the unlock challenges in the Black Ops Cold War, Zombies, and Warzone multiplayer games. Keep in mind that since this writing, developer Treyarch has stated that AMP63 will not be unlocked until later in season three – the challenge descriptions below were found by players in Warzone before they were taken down.

Multiplayer and Warzone Unlock Challenge

The multiplayer game and Warzone to unlock the AMP63 sounds “Use a pistol to eliminate 5 enemies in 20 different matches.” Unless you’re the absolute killer with 1911 or Magnum – perhaps using the first during the initial chaos of Warzone’s decline – Diamatti will be your best solution to meet this challenge. If your target is true, Diamatti will kill enemies fairly quickly with his heavy fire.

Remember that the challenge requires you to kill five enemies in “different matches”, which means that achieving 10 or more kills in one match will still only count as one. No matter how you prefer a pistol, it is easy to kill an enemy primary and complete it after exchanging for a secondary for a secondary.

Zombies Unlock Challenge

You can also unlock the AMP63 with a zombie-specific challenge – while a challenge for this weapon has not been available since this writing, this guide will be updated as soon as it is.

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