How to unlock Rambo in Call of Duty: Warzone

If you want to excel in Call of Duty: Warzone, the best way to do that is with a unique operator. While some players may not want to excel at all (looking at you, Roze players), others aren’t too worried about hiding in dark corners or shadows. These players are likely looking forward to the release of new, more vibrant operators such as Rambo and John McClane, who are heading to Call of Duty: Warzone in a few days.

Rambo has been teased for some time as a supplement to Call of Duty: Warzone. On May 10, a video was uploaded to the Call of Duty channel on YouTube showing Rambo chasing a poor soldier through the woods, accompanied by a fiery arrow in a bow. Unlike Rambo, however, we have not yet seen any of John McClane, the hero of Die Hard movies. McClanea was teased by a Call of Duty Twitter account that posted an ad for a company called “Nakatomi Duct Cleaning,” a clear reference to the first film Die Hard, which takes place inside the Nakatomi Tower.

Both characters are likely to be included in the Call of Duty: Warzone package called “80’s Action Heroes.” A trailer trailer is set uploaded to YouTube tomorrow, probably depicting said action heroes and maybe more in action.

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