How to unlock Mercenaries Mode in Resident Evil Village

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Mercenaries is a special mode that players can unlock in Resident Evil Village. The mode focuses on the idea of ​​getting the highest possible score by killing enemies. The mode is divided into different phases, and between phases players must purchase supplies from an NPC called Duke in order to continue.

In order to unlock mercenary mode, players will first need to complete the game. They can do it for any need, even for a casual regimen. Once the story is complete, they can go to the main menu, then to the bonuses, the extra content store, and the extra games: mercenaries. From here, they can purchase an in-game currency mode that easily earns them full challenges.

From this point on, players can start a new Mercenaries game by going to the main menu, then to Bonuses and Mercenaries. Players will start in the first phase and will need to get at least A-Rank to unlock the next phase. They can achieve this score by killing as many enemies as possible.

There are a total of 8 levels, the first four requiring the unlocking of rank A and the last 4 levels B. Each section begins with a visit to the duke’s store to purchase equipment and ammunition, then you are loaded on the podium and try to get the highest score possible.

The phases are divided into areas and you can move between them with a sufficient number of kills. When this happens, a special destination will appear and when you touch it, you will be moved to a new area. You can also find special blue balls that will give you new abilities that will allow you to actually collect kills.

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