How to unlock Fast Gassin in Hot Wheels Unleashed

how to unlock-fast-release-gassin-in-hot-wheels

Screenshot by Gamepuru

Among the dozens of cars you can unlock at Hot Wheels Unleashed, there are only a few that look absolutely ridiculous, but ride like a bat from hell. You will often find that these cars chase you and use every opportunity to get in front of you that they can. This article explains how to get Fast Gassin, which is definitely one of those cars.

How to unlock Fast Gassin

Screenshot by Gamepuru

There are two ways to get a quick Gassin. The first is through Blind Boxes, although the chances of that happening are incredibly small. We opened almost 100 blind boxes and Fast Gassin hasn’t fallen out of one yet.

The second way to get Fast Gassin in your hands is through in-game trading. The store’s warehouse resets every four hours of game time you spend racing or adjusting tracks. So continue checking to see if the car is available and click it when you have the chance. The purchase cost us 1,200 coins and after upgrading to the legendary quality has the best possible speed and braking performance, although other statistics leave much to be desired. This should not be a problem for an experienced driver.

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