How to unlock Champagne in Far Cry 6

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There are several animal companions that you can have in Far Cry 6 called amiga. These loyal partners will be by your side during your adventure in your battle to save Yara, and each has its own signature that makes them unique and valuable. For those who want to add champagne to their Far Cry 6 adventure?

The only way to add Champagne to the game is to purchase the Vice Pack in Far Cry 6. Unfortunately, Champagne is a premium companion and you will need to purchase this package at the in-game store and download it. You can enter this shop from the main menu of Far Cry 6 or click on the shop on the top options while playing the game.

When you unlock Champagne, you will be able to summon it, just like any other amigo in Far Cry 6. It has a passive called the Status Symbol, which allows it to collect more money from dead enemies after a fight. Her abilities include Greed is Good, Predatory Instinct and Sonic Snarl. She is an inconspicuous companion, so if you prefer shadows, this pristine white cat is a useful companion that you can add to your collection.

The Champagne package comes, the Vice Pack also comes with a Vice Outfit, Vice Scorpio weapon, Vice Warden Pinnacle vehicle, Vice Gold Bric and Vice Letter Opener knife.

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