How to unlock all secret characters in Crossy Road

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In the world of Crossy Road, everyone is just trying to get where they are going. As already mentioned, it seems that many people cross these roads, because the game has a total of 288 characters since this writing. Some of these characters can be easily unlocked using loot boxes or by purchasing them, but getting secret characters is a little trickier. They require you to meet hidden goals. Here’s how to unlock secret characters in Crossy Road.


Collect 50 burgers and play as Rocky.

Andy Sum

When playing as Mallard, score at least 85% above the current high score. When you do, a “Great Score” message will appear.

Fisherman fish

As you play as an ocean figure, fall into the dark depths of the ditch.

I’m Weatherall

Unlock the Dark Lord either through the slot machine or buy it, then you will score 85% above your high score.

Best in Show

When playing for a dog character, eat all the dog food you can find.

Big Fancy Pig

While playing for blue, collect six green items that look like computer chips in a few runs.


Unlock the paleontologist in the slot machine or buy it and then collect the bones of the head, neck, body, legs and tail as figures.


Play as Pac-Chicken, Pinky, Clyde or Inca and get eaten by Pac-Man on the road.

Cai Shen

Collect 20 red envelopes and play Fortune Chicken, The Three Deities, Fire Monkey, Xi, New Year’s Doll, Hot Pot and Chinese Monster. No need to perform in one run.

Cat Lady

Play as Lucky Cat, Laser Cat, Unlucky Cat or Tabby Cat and collect nine goldfish that appear on grassy areas.

Chinese monster

Play as a New Year’s doll and catch up with the monster that runs from you.


Unlock your hand either from the slot machine or buy it, then collect 15-20 coins.


When playing as Pac-Man, eat at least seven ghosts in one instance of the energy pellet.

Coconut water

Unlock the hiker and collect five coconut waters in one run


While playing for any character, each time you enter snow, sand or grass, swipe about 50 times left and right and end up with a score over 40.

Dragon Rider

Unlock the Snow King Challenge in the Pecking Order Challenge and play with him for about ten rounds.

Drop Bear

Play as any Australian character and at some point you will see a Bear in a tree. Go to the tree and Drop Bear will kill you by unlocking.

Gingerbread man

Play several games as the Gingerbread Wolf appears. Grab him to unlock him.


Play like a festive chicken until you find a snowy plain. Run into the Christmas tree in the middle of the level to make the presents fly.


When playing as a New Zealand character, there is a chance that the ring will appear. Collect eight of them in a few runs.

Hipster whale

When playing for any character, the Lumbar Whale can swim across the water. Jump on it and unlock it.


Play as all Arctic characters and jump into the water with them.


Collect a total of 3,000 points when playing as Pac-Man.


Collect four-leaf clover and play for any character from Great Britain and Ireland.


Play as any Piffle character and collect a floppy disk, donut, dice, sock and ball in one run.

Matt Hall

Play as Lucky Cat and get a score of 85 percent or more than your current highest score.


Play as any neocean character and cross the river fully. When you come across, turn around, jump on a log and fall into the river.

Michael Boom

While playing for any character, find the rocket car and end the run by hitting it.

Moon Rock

Play as a space character and be hit by one of the rocks in the flow of meteors in several games.


While playing as a British and Irish character, make sure Nessie appears in the river. Jump on their backs and unlock them.

Piffle Ball

Like Marmalade, collect a floppy disk, a donut, dice, a sock and a ball while playing as a Piffle character.


While playing as a character from the Piffle update, follow the roads and look for a pineapple truck. Run into it to unlock the pineapple.

little finger

While playing as Pac-Chicken, there is a very rare chance of cherries multiplying. Collect it and unlock Pinky.

Professional player

While playing for any Korean, get a score of at least 80 and keep your actions above 150 per minute. Increase APM by moving left and right while waiting to advance.

Purple Bloop

When playing as a Grablin, defeat a character higher than level 35.

Robotic dog

Play as any space character and collect the yellow duck alien.

Rugby player

While playing the squirrel, collect four nuts and find a white rugby ball on the tree. Run into the tree to drop the ball.


While playing as a Polar Bear, complete all five missions and collect trash in the field.

Space Walker

When playing as any space character, jump on the hip whale as soon as it appears.

Phone Booth

Play as any character in the UK and Ireland until you reach the open area. If you hear the phone ring, follow the sound to the phone box. Once you reach it, it stops ringing and indicates that you have unlocked it.

King of the universe

While playing as Prince of All Cosmos, collect items across several runs to enlarge your Katamari.

Princess of the whole universe

While playing as Prince of All Cosmos, collect enough items in one run to enlarge your Katamari.

Queen of the whole universe

While playing as the king of the universe, turn enough things into rainbows in a few runs.

Too many sweets

While playing for any character, jump into the chocolate river.


While playing as Ida, Crow or Storyteller, jump to the top of Totem, which appears in the river.


While playing the character of Piffle, you come across Waffles, who rarely appears instead of an obstacle of a rainbow pig.


While playing for any character from Christmas 2015 other than Gifty, let yourself be hit by a snowball thrown from the Yeti.

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