How to turn assists on or off in F1 2021

F1 2021 brings fun, but also challenges. If you are new to F1, you can deal with steering, braking and shifting manually. If you want to make sure that these assists are turned on, or if you want to turn them off and you have a real racing experience, Codemasters will cover you. The F1 franchise developer offers both, and here’s how you can turn assist in F1 2021 on or off.

One option is to go to Settings in the main menu. Select the Settings tab, then go to the Assistance section. Here you can turn many of these settings on or off. These options include changing driving skills (which you can customize and create your own assistance settings), steering and braking assistance, as well as engaging and disengaging the manual gear using the transmission settings.

Alternatively, you can do it before or during the race. If you want to change this before the race, you can play with the assistants in the menu before the start of the event (for solo Grand Prix and other events), or in the Pause menu when you are ready to start the race. In addition, you can also pause and change assists during the race, which is something you might want to do while playing offline if you need to change on the fly.

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