How to survive a dangerous encounter in one of your boats or planes in BitLife

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There may be several random events in BitLife that may become the story of your character to tell others, or it may become a tragic end for them to force you to create a new character. These dangerous events happen out of nowhere and sometimes have no explicit explanation. A dangerous encounter can occur when your character controls your boat or plane, but there is a chance that they will survive.

A dangerous encounter starts at random whenever your BitLife character is out on his boat or piloting his plane. If you want your character to learn to steer a ship, he must pass a voyage test. The same goes for piloting an aircraft. After completing the tests you wanted to complete and finding enough money to buy a ship or plane, a dangerous encounter can occur whenever your character accidentally takes these vehicles out.

A dangerous encounter is a random event, so you can’t tell when an event will start or if there is a way around it. To make sure that your ship or aircraft can handle this challenge, we recommend that you perform maintenance on them whenever possible. The ship and the plane are similar to the cars in BitLife; if you do not give them proper treatment and care, their value will deteriorate, making them more dangerous to use, which can cause the death of your character.

A good way to ensure that your character survives a dangerous encounter on a ship is to learn to swim your character. The character can learn to swim by taking swimming lessons when he is younger and try out a swimming team. They will need a high level of athletics and health to be accepted into the swimming team. When a dangerous encounter occurs, they have learned how to swim, while in a swimming team it can be extremely useful.

If you’re looking to run a dangerous encounter for the Land, Sea and Air Challenge in BitLife, it can be a little frustrating because of their randomness, but make sure your character is ready. If a character does not have a high level of health or athletics, it could die and force you to start again.

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