How to start New Game + Mode in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village has a New Game + mode, but players will have to jump to it with a few hoops. First, they will have to beat the game on Normal or Hard difficulty. Once they beat the last boss, they will be able to save their game.

Players will need to save their “Completed Game to Save” and then go to the main menu. From there, they will need to load the Completed Saving Story and select the difficulty they want to play.

In New Game +, players can keep all the unlocks of the saved file they use to run it. All weapons, upgrades, money, food, progress on collector parts, etc. will be transferred to the New Game +.

Once New Game + starts, you can start saving it to your own slot to keep the original Save Save file if you want to start another run at any time. This is very useful for people who are planning NG + speed runs.

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