How to spend 7 seconds within 7 meters of a fleeing chicken in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

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One of the challenges of Week 6 of Season 6 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is to spend 7 seconds within 7 feet of a fleeing chicken. This is a fairly easy task once you can track down the chicken. A good place to check is near Rex in Dusted Depot, east of Spire.

Chickens normally breed nearby here and you can pay Rex for information on the location of nearby wilderness. Once you find the chicken, just get close enough to scare him and keep up with him as he runs away.

Chickens aren’t exactly fast, so chasing one isn’t a major problem, but it changes direction a lot. Fortunately, the 7-meter radius is quite wide and is quite lenient when it comes to chasing a frightened animal. Once you stay close enough to count down the full seven seconds, you’ll get 24,000 XP. The good news is that while you need to split the challenge into a few seconds at a time, it’s cumulative, so it’ll be fine.

The rest of the 9th week challenges can be found below:

  • Get Intel for Wildlife from Bushranger, Tarana, Rex, Cluck or Grill Sergeant (0/1) – 24,000 XP
  • Hunt a Boar (0/1) – 24000 XP
  • Spend 7 seconds within 7 meters of a fleeing chicken (0/1) – 24000 XP
  • Get health in the storm (0/1) – 24000 XP
  • Shockwave grenade yourself during a storm (0/1) – 24000 XP
  • Storm survival phase (0/10) – 24,000 XP
  • Build in the Storm (0/10) – 24000 XP
  • Legendary quest – Catch fish (50, 100, 150, 200, 250) – 35,000 XP to 24,500 XP

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