How to slow down time in Boomerang X – tips and tricks

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Slowing down time is a key part of the Boomerang X. It allows you to take the time to strategize, focus precisely on the traverse, and get the exact hit toward your enemies. It is vital to know how to slow down time, and we are going to give you a quick course.

Do not skip the tutorial

At the beginning of the game you get the ability to slow down time, and if you simply skipped the tutorial, it would be difficult to know how to enter it. On the Nintendo Switch you will have to press the ZL button while aiming and on the PC you will find your designated input in the menu Options -> Controls -> Edit controls (smaller box at the top right of the menu). If you don’t like the default slow button, you can simply add your own. You can also do this on the Nintendo Switch.

Tips and tricks to slow down time

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Slowing down will allow you time to think about the next step in the battle, and the best part is that there is no cooling off period. When you see your enemies in higher places, the platform can be easier with a time mechanic. Aim your boomerang and then warp to your elevated target. If you don’t get to the platform, you have to get up, slow down time again and adjust your trajectory with another warp boomerang.

You can also use this technique on specific enemies. To succeed in Boomerang X, you must hit rough-looking spots on larger enemies. Sounds simple, right? Spots can be difficult to get a target from a distance. If there is a spot on the back, jump into the air with a boomerang outline and then slow down the time to get an accurate shot. The same goes for other creatures with spots hidden under their bodies as they jump into the air.

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When you are close and personal with these scary ink-like creatures, you avoid all sorts of attacks. For example, before a lot of green sludge comes out of a toad, slow down time, adopt a precise strategy, and avoid it.

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