How to sign up for Minecraft Championships MCC Island beta

Image via Noxcrew

With the Minecraft Championships MCC 14 official in the record books, the winners confirmed and the crowd had full fun, Noxcrew had a secret surprise for us all. A 3D animation has been revealed that offers plenty of rest, and then the camera turns back to reveal a ship en route to a huge island.

MCC Island is an upcoming Noxcrew venture and will be in beta before release. This will give people a chance to enter the event soon and become the core of Noxcrew’s next adventure.

To register to access the beta, visit the official website Noxcrew website and then go to the MCC section. You can also visit the website directly MCC Island login page here. All you have to do is enter your email in the box and you will be logged in with the option to access the beta.

The beta version will only run in the Java edition, so don’t forget that before you sign up. There is currently no information about when the beta will take place, what it might involve, or a potential release date for the MCC for Public Consumption, but we’ll keep you posted on all the latest news as we learn about it. .

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