How to set up a solo public lobby in Grand Theft Auto Online

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It’s no secret why Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular video games of all time. Grand Theft Auto Online has provided you with a great world of sandpits so you can do basically anything you want. Throughout Los Santos, you can cause little confusion. Even if the police kill you, just show up again and start again. Add all the different game modes, robberies and side content exclusively for the online site and you have one of the best multiplayer experiences.

As already mentioned, the disadvantage of playing Grand Theft Auto Online is the solution to grief. Because certain content is excluded from the public lobby only, you need to endure aggravating experiences to see everything the game has to offer. This is unless you create a separate public lobby. Here’s how to set up a separate public lobby at Grand Theft Auto Online.

If you get into the solo public lobby, it will rely on you to disrupt your internet connection to your game. Before you try, load yourself into the public lobby and enter the building you own. It can be a garage, shop, bunker, etc. Now, depending on the platform you are playing on, you will have to go a different route.


If you’re playing on a PC and in a building you own, on a public session, Alt-tab out of the game and open the Task Manager. Select Performance and then Open Resource Monitor. Right-click GTA5.exe and select Pause Process. After a few seconds, right-click on it again and select Resume Process. Get back in the game and go out. You should now be completely alone in the lobby.

PlayStation or Xbox

If you’re playing Grand Theft Auto Online on a PlayStation or Xbox, you’ll need an Ethernet cable connected to the console to get a separate public lobby. If you are in a public lobby, disconnect and quickly reconnect the Ethernet cable. If you have done it fast enough, you can leave the building and be alone in the lobby.

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