How to send a mugger in GTA Online

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If you want to take revenge a little on another character you encountered in GTA Online, you have the opportunity to hit them by hiring robbers against them. The robber goes out of his way to target a specific character, attacks them to knock them out, and steals their money. The best way to get back to the next character in GTA Online is to focus on their wallet.

If you want to send robbers for another character, you don’t have to go through too many hoops. The first thing you need to do is reach level 50. You will not be able to use this ability before this level. Once you’re there, you can summon robbers using your phone. You want to go to the contacts section of the phone menu, call Lamar and talk to him about sending a robber. Sending them by character costs only $ 1,000.

As soon as you call Lumar and send the request through, the robber will take him from there. They look for the individual you sent them, try to attack them and steal the money they have. The robber can only get money that the character has not deposited into his account, so the amount they steal from another player changes each time you use it. In addition, the amount the robber steals depends on the level of the target.

The target character has a chance to defend himself. If they liquidate robbers before or after the attack, there is a chance that they could make money back. Lamar can also refund you if the target character enters a location that the robber cannot attack or the player logs out of GTA Online. However, there is no compensation if a robber dies and tries to steal money.

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