How to save and access game files in Tour de France 2021

Of course, saving progress in any type of game is important. It’s also important to know how it saves gaming work. Many titles offer some auto-save feature, while others do not, which means players must remember to save manually before the game ends. The Tour de France 2021 offers an automatic save function, but is only activated at certain points in the race. In many cases, you will have to save it manually and here’s how to do it.

To save the game during the race, press Pause and scroll until you see Save at the bottom of the screen. From there, select an empty slot to save the game and press A / X. Once you do, it should be a good idea to go.

As mentioned earlier, the Tour de France 2021 will perform automatic saving, but only at certain points in the race. So don’t forget to save the game to keep it running.

To restore a saved file, go to the home screen and select the Continue tab. Then find the file and load it by pressing A / X. Keep in mind that you can save the race during its execution, which is very good to choose from. Cycling races of this kind can traditionally last up to 150 km, so events can take quite a long time.

Also, make sure you are looking for the right files. There are sections for Pro Leader, Pro Team and traditional races. To browse through different stores, use LB or RB for Xbox or L1 or R1 for PlayStation.

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