How to remake in Valorant

Sometimes something goes wrong, especially when you try to play games on the Internet. The connection may fail, the routers may die, and we suddenly find ourselves loading into 4v5. This is not good at best and it is incredibly stressful during the placement of the game, but fortunately Valorant has a way to deal with it.

If any player disconnects at the beginning of the match, from the beginning of the purchase phase to the end of the first round, it is possible to request a remake. It’s easy and all players have to write / remake in the chat.

Each connected player on the team will then be given the opportunity to vote on a call remake, and if everyone chooses yes, the game will be reworked. This restarts the match, replaces the player who disconnected, and returns to 5v5.

The remake vote will have to be cast by all players before the end of the second round purchase phase, otherwise the match will simply advance to the next round and you will test your skills with a lack of players.

If the remake is successful, players will not receive XP, RR or MMR adjustments for the match and the player who left will be penalized by leaving.

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