How to quickly level the Jewelcrafting profession in World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade

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The profession added to the World of Warcraft Classic with the expansion of Burning Crusade is Jewelcrafting. You will be able to create sculptures, fist weapons, trinkets, gems and of course jewelry. It also comes with a prospectus where you can break the ore and gain access to the raw gems. Here’s the best way to balance that for those interested in jumping into the profession when they start a Burning Crusader. Due to the amount of ore you will use, we also recommend grasping the mining skill or giving it to you by a friend or companion.

Here is the order of the items you want to create and focus on Jewelcrafting at all times.

  • Level 1 to 35 – Fine copper wire
  • Level 35 to 50 – Malachite pendant
  • Level 50 to 80 – Bronze setting
  • Level 80 to 105 – Ring of Silver Might
  • Level 105 to 136 – Heavy Jade Ring
  • Level 136 to 150 – Golden Dragon Ring
  • Level 150 to 180 – Mithril Filigree
  • Level 180 to 185 – Flaming citrine ring
  • Level 185 to 210 – Engraved Truesilver ring
  • Level 210 to 225 – Aquamarine Signet
  • Level 225 to 250 – Thorium settings
  • Level 250 to 260 – Ruby fire pendant
  • Level 260 to 275 – Azerothian Diamond
  • Level 275 to 300 – Diamond Focus Ring
  • Level 300 to 320 – Brilliant golden draenite, glowing draenite shadow, inscribed Sepessarite flame, radiant deep peridot, solid azure moonstone or teardrop blood garnet
  • Level 320 to 325 – Bright Blood Garnet, Glinting Flame Spessarite, Jagged Deep Peridot or Sparkling Azure Moonstone
  • Level 325 to 335 – Mercurial Adamantite
  • Level 335 to 350 – Strong flame spessarite, smooth golden draenite or sovereign shadow draenite
  • Level 350 to 355 – Khorium Band of Shadows, Khorium Band of Frost, Horium Inferno Band or Mystic Dawnstone
  • Level 355 to 365 – Thick Felstell necklace
  • Level 365 to 375 – recipes for making jewelry of any faction

The grind from level 1 to 300 will be relatively straightforward and quite simple for most players. It’s really difficult to come up with the best selection and which items will make your progress the fastest. When you reach level 300 and higher, most of what you create will be quite difficult to find, with most of what you want to level above over 350 being a random drop from world bosses.

You can also receive several specific craft recipes from the various factions in the World of Warcraft Classic, which are listed here.

  • Time breeders
  • Down town
  • Aldor
  • Consortium
  • Scryers
  • Sha’tar

By regularly increasing their reputation with any of the selected factions, you will be able to find a lot of recipes that you can get from reputation vendors.

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