How to prevent horses from taking freezing damage in Minecraft

Not only will you suffer freezing damage at Powder Snow in Minecraft, but your horse, a trusted hiding place able to cover long distances in a short time, is also in danger. The mountains turned into dangerous places, and blocks of powder snow appeared at much greater heights. When you or your horse get stuck in a Powder Snow block, you slow down, and if you stay inside those blocks, you start to shake and freeze over time. When you ride a horse, the horse takes all the damage for you, but you can prevent it.

The only way to prevent a horse from suffering from frost damage is to make sure you equip it with leather armor. The same goes for your figure, except that you only need one piece of skin. Your Minecraft character can wear a helmet, chest plate, leggings or boots to prevent damage. If you want to go through the top of Powder Snow, you have to put on leather boots.

Despite the leather armor, they will not be able to walk on snow for horses. However, the armor prevents them from being damaged, which is much more important. You can create a set of leather armor from a horse by combining seven leather pieces and taking them to a craft station. If your horse dies in the snow, you will fall into it and then you have to go down the mountain without being ready to help you. If you are visiting a mountain without armor, don’t forget to take leather armor for yourself.

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