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Tooke is the default supporting character in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, but he’s not here to heal and lift his allies. This excommunicated holy man, who uses heavy incense as heavy incense, performs the work of a master by expelling enemies from hiding in the early graves and dividing the state from their poorly acquired wealth. This guide describes everything you need to know about playing Tooke in Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

Censor cep and poison

Tooke’s weapon of choice is a symbol of status from his past life as an inquisitor in training for the state. The incense burner has a long chain and is the perfect weapon for fighting characters at a distance and controlling team battles. Tooke’s light attack has a wide range of effects, and although it does less damage than John’s hammer, it can effectively disrupt enemy groups and leave them open for Tooke’s allies to reach. Chaining multiple hits on the same enemy will cause more damage with each subsequent hit.

A heavy attack has a decent range and can be used to stumble players and get closer to them. It also forces you to block enemies for a moment to drop the guard during an attack, although the recovery recovery animation is too long for Tooke to watch effectively. To be clear, Tooke’s melee attacks work best when his teammates are around to take advantage of the crowd control he has set up.

Tooke’s jump attack is an upper swing that has less reach than its normal heavy. To ensure that you land on Tooke’s heavy and jump attack, fix your target with the appropriate key or button.

Tooke’s unique throwable in Hood: Outlaws & Legends is the poison flask. It produces a large cloud of translucent smoke that temporarily impairs the vision of anyone caught in it; this effect remains active for a few seconds after leaving the effect area. The gas also quickly dissipates the endurance of all players standing inside the cloud. Both effects apply against all players, friends and enemies. Tooke’s poison is naturally an incredible tool for denying the reel. The gas also deactivates state guards in a similar way to Marianne’s smoke; That remains true even if Tooke takes Healing potion.

Holy zeal

Tooke has perhaps the best set of abilities of any character in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Passively regenerates endurance faster than other outlaws, and can thus chase longer, fight better and reel more. If you manage your stamina correctly and do not let it run out, you can become an enemy obstacle for the enemy team, either dismantling them yourself or locking them in lengthy battles to give the Allies more time.

Tooke’s active ability, Instinct, is also great. After activation, it immediately heals a large amount of health for you and your close teammates. It is usually best to refrain from this ability until you have healed at least one other player with it. This ability has a short activation animation that gives nearby enemies enough time to line up a headshot or hit and potential stun. That’s an even bigger reason not to use Instinct when you’re fighting alone.

Instinct also detects enemies in a small circle around you for a while and highlights them, even if they are hiding in the bushes or behind walls. Enemies can avoid crouch detection, even if you can take it away by selection The innate advantage of Insight.

Aggressive support

While Tooke is designed as a supporting character in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, he is flexible and strong enough to handle everything on his own. With his abilities, he can stay on the move, control targets, clear guards and lock down enemy players. It moves fast, fights brutally and can even open the locked door silently. Tooke can also transfer and extract the chest faster, making it a viable alternative to John. This wandering monk is simply nothing wrong with him.

Whether alone or with his team, Tooke’s favorite place is in the middle of big fights, where his censer can stumble more enemies at once and force them to disperse. It shines in a late game, when team fights keep erupting.

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