How to play Switchblade in Rogue Company – Tips, tricks, and tactics

Guide Rogue Company Switchblade

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The new Rogue Company Switchblade is really more of a Swiss army knife. Unlike other Rogue Company operators, Switchblade is more than a single-trick trick and can be played effectively in many different ways depending on your playing style and the needs of your team. The only thing Switchblade isn’t good at is passive play – it’s not a defensive character and shouldn’t be played as such. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about playing Switchblade at Rogue Company.


Rogue Company players should appreciate that Switchblade has a very eclectic selection of items, weapons and benefits. He can take Flashbangs and a fun but checkered Bounce Grenade. Her pistol is a Spitfire micro SMG and her specialized weapon is close to them baseball batwhich fits her aesthetic inspired by Harley Quinn.

Its primary weapon can be either the MLX Mark 4, an assault rifle with a target that works well at all distances, or the 24S SMG, which was previously exclusive to the Lancer. Both weapons are great and both support different game styles. If you like to approach the enemy – which corresponds to the role of Switchblade as an intruder – you should take 24S; it’s a powerful weapon at the base, so don’t upgrade it and spend money on handball and benefits instead. On the contrary, MLX Mark 4 has many benefits from upgrades, and you can be more reluctant to use it, so don’t hesitate to spend money on it. This means that if your team has at least one long-range operator, you should simply use 24S, as every other part of the Switchblade kit already allows mobile access in close proximity.

The Switchblade also has a flexible selection of benefits, including several defensive benefits that allow for ruthless gaming style.

  • Beserker: you can recharge during the sprint.
  • Toughen Up: Melee attacks deal 30% less damage.
  • Bounce Back: Your health recovery begins much earlier.
  • Toughness: cause less damage from explosives.
  • Life Drain: Shooting down an enemy will quickly restore a great deal of health.
  • Fill in: shooting down the enemy will load your weapon and restore ammunition.


The passive ability of the Switchblade in Rogue Company is Fight and Flight: when using abilities or gadgets, it gains an explosion of speed of movement. Since it can have up to three throwers (not counting gadgets that it picks up from the ground), Switchblade should have no problem quickly bypassing Rogue Company maps.

Her active ability is Chaos Launcher: a disposable weapon that fires an explosive projectile. After the explosion, the projectile covers a large area of ​​burning liquid, which remains on the ground for a while and causes about four times more damage than a normal incendiary grenade. The burning pools are arranged in a row parallel to the direction in which the Switchblade is turned when firing; they extend through the cover. This means that if the initial projectile hits part of the cover, the fire will almost certainly start firing the player hiding behind it.

Chaos Launcher is a destructive ability that can flush enemies out of hiding and keep them out or straight down and then kill them in one cast. Note that Scorch is immune to the Chaos Launcher effect over time, but not to the initial explosion. No one is completely safe in front of the Switchblade.

Guide Rogue Company Switchblade
Image of Hi-Rez Studios


Once released, Switchblade is a direct upgrade to Dima because it does everything Dima does at Rogue Company and does it a little better. The Chaos Trigger is strictly a better MIRV trigger, and Switchblade mobility is more useful than Dima Burned’s passive ability. To reinforce this imbalance, Hi-Rez Studios has actually replaced Dima’s Nimble Hands perk with a Stalker, which is not the most useful change. Dima could catch up with future patches, but no matter what happens to him, our first piece of advice for Switchblade players would be to prepare for the nerfs and not join any part of her current set. It is visibly tuned when released and is likely to be changed.

Thanks to its passive game Fight and Flight and the advantage of Berserker (which is cheap and should be purchased in every match), Switchblade is a very mobile Rogue, which should always look for unexpected angles from which it could attract. There is rarely a reason to attack an opponent who clearly sees you coming. While Chaos Launcher works well as a zoning tool, you should always try to land with direct hits on unsuspecting enemies to take advantage of its initial damage and lack of detonation fuse. The switchblade has access to a speed buff for some reason, so make sure you use and flank often.

Advice and tactics

As powerful as Chaos Launcher is, Switchblade players should be aware that active protection systems completely neutralize it. With the growing popularity of Rogue as Mack and the recently ground Trench, active protection systems are becoming more common in Rogue Company. To ensure that your Chaos Launcher actually hits home, be sure to first identify and destroy all deployed APS units in the field, or simply find a target to shoot at that is out of range of the APS effect. With the high mobility of the Switchblade, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

When it comes to loading options, there’s no way to go wrong, because everything Switchblade has access to is useful. He is one of the few Rogue Company operators who can use the Replenish and Life Drain combos, and if you prefer to use 24S and play very aggressively, getting both of these benefits is a must. In addition, you should buy both of your handball items earlier so that you can use the speed buff more often. With basic Bounce Grenade and a fully upgraded Flashbang, Switchblade can gain up to four instances of Fight and Flight buffs per turn, which is more than enough to run around an enemy team.

In the end, we strongly recommend buying the Tenacity advantage, even if the enemy team does not have too many explosives Rogue. This is a precautionary measure against your own abilities and handball, especially against Bounce Grenade can be treacherous.

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