How to play Marianne in Hood: Outlaws & Legends

The characters Hood Outlaws and Legends are led by Marianne

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Marianne is The Hood: Outlaws & Legends Jack of all craft characters, because she thrives in almost every situation, but she’s not the best at anything. Downloading successful robberies involves understanding the strengths and responsibilities of your chosen outlaw, and this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Marianne.

Cracked bow and smoke grenades

Marianna’s signature weapon in Hohod: Outlaws & Legends is her crossbow attached to her wrist, which can fire precise individual shots or recharge for slightly inaccurate explosions. This weapon works great in close and medium range and because shooting does not cost stamina, Marianne can and should use it for close combat. When fighting melee characters, run away from attacks and immediately continue by firing one or two screws at a time. This maintains your accuracy and safe distance and allows you to win fights without damage. Then make sure you go over the body of your unfortunate opponent to get some of your screws.

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Marianne’s smoke grenades allow you to re-enter the secret immediately, which is essential to keep the state guards and the enemy team out of your tail. Smoke deactivates the guards trapped in it, allowing you to perform any number of them without resistance. It also worsens the vision of affected players from both teams, rather than Tooke’s venomous grenade. The last small bonus is not to mark targets inside the smoke,

Veiled killer

The ability of Marianne Shroud hides it from the guards for some time and makes it difficult to find it for enemy players. Don’t count on this ability, which will constantly protect you from players, because they can still easily see your outline. For this reason, you should not hesitate to jump on Shroud to simply interrupt the detection or grab some quick killing of the guards.

By the way, Marianna’s passive trait, Shadow, is also aimed at assassinating guards: when she is hidden by smoke, bushes or a shroud, she can perform guards from any direction. Her initial lineup consists of benefits that allow her to extend the duration of Shroud by chaining executions, and it pretty much speeds up her progress by awarding an XP bonus for each execution. When you figure out how you want to play Marianne in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, you may want to change your lineup to become a stronger sniper or self-sufficient melee, or better control the map.

Place control and violation

Unlike Robin, Marianne does not need to camp on elevated places and guard targets. It shines by being a constant invisible threat to the enemy team, helping its own team maintain control of the map and secure killing.

When you play Marianne in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, make sure you’re constantly on the move, constantly steal spawn points, and watch your teammates. Whenever a fight breaks out in your area, stretch and pick up your opponents while they are interrupted.

Marianne is a great forbidden solo line, because she can bring value to her team, even if she doesn’t deal with the main goals of the robbery, and prepare nice XP and gold for herself.

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