How to play Mack in Rogue Company

Rogue Company Mack

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Once launched on the public test server, the latest Rogue Company Mack operator is ready to join the playlist in the next update. Mack is a cowardly villain with a number of defensive options and crowd control options, yet his abilities and features reward an aggressive style of play. Here’s everything you need to know about playing Macka at Rogue Company


Mack’s weapons and equipment are very simple. He begins the match with an order, an average pistol, and for his first primary has access to Conviction, one of the two LMG Rogue Company. This cumbersome weapon has hit hard and has a huge magazine, thanks to which you can lie down for a few days to suppress the fire, even if you then have to reload for days, because this weapon charges ammunition very slowly. When it comes to a more mobile, face-to-face approach, Mack can give up Conviction for the Objection, a destructive but inaccurate SMG.

Mack’s melee weapon is the second and probably last sword we will ever receive at the Rogue Company. Claymore behaves like any other melee weapon on the throw, but hits at close range differently. Although its swing speed is slightly lower than other melee weapons in play, it deals 50 damage per hit, rather than 40 before the upgrade. This means you can discard villains in full health with one hit less than you would need on average.

Towards the end of its suite, Mack has access to a flexible selection of gadgets and benefits. He can take a regular fragmentation grenade and an active protection system, which will give you something to play with, whether you are in attack or defense. Its advantages are:

  • Berserker: you can recharge during the sprint.
  • Toughen Up: Melee attacks deal 30% less damage.
  • Bounce Back: Your health recovery begins much earlier.
  • Stalker: you can move at full speed and aim with sights.
  • Fill in: shooting down the enemy will load your weapon and restore ammunition.
  • Replenishment: Eliminated enemies discard a supply set, which restores purchased gadgets when picked up.


Mack’s passive ability is Standard Issue: he begins the game with 25-point armor, an upgrade that any other Rogue Company operator would normally have to spend money on. Not only that, but Mack’s armor is immediately repaired when he shoots down an enemy villain, which makes him an incredible duelist.

His active ability is Lightbomb: a massive deployed flashbang that can capture an entire enemy team if aimed well. This ability has the potential to turn games all by itself, stop the aggressive pressures of the dead in their tracks, or let Mack’s team disrupt an enemy-controlled target and a clean house.


Thanks to her combination of advantages, abilities and subjects, Macka can play any role in Rogue Company, but is more focused on aggression. If you want to take advantage of his killing-based abilities, take Berserker, Replenish and Grenade. You can also buy Stalker and Claymore in later rounds. With this combination, Mack can exert aggressive pressures and trade effectively against any composition of enemy villains. Just make sure you communicate with your team while playing this version of Mack, otherwise he will not be able to benefit from your aggressive tactics.

If you’re used to playing Mack defensively, take Resupply, a grenade, an active protection and belief system. Thanks to this combination of items, you can safely guard targets and leave your teammates aside and pick up enemies. Don’t stop using your gadgets, but save your Lightbomb in case of an emergency, as it can be a gamechanger.

If you use the Conviction LMG in any case, the benefits of Replenish and Berserker are highly recommended, as it takes forever to charge.

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