How to pass time in Hokko Life

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Hokko Life requires that you wait for certain characters for a certain time of day. You will have to wait for days for flowers and trees to grow before you can meet your goals. But the game doesn’t tell you how to do it. In this guide, we’ll explain exactly how to spend time at Hokko Life so you can focus on completing the tasks you want to prioritize.

It’s all about your bed

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The only way to spend time in Hokko Life is to use a bed. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your house or in the upstairs room, where you stay free from the innkeeper. Press the “E” button on the bed to display three options to choose from.

  • Sleep 2 hours
  • Sleep 6 hours
  • Sleep until tomorrow

The first two options are ideal for overcoming time on the same day. If you need to wait until lunch or dinner to find out which characters came to the inn for a meal, then that point can get you to sleep for two or six hours. Sometimes you also have to wait until you meet specific characters in the evening, so it can be a great way to pass on a piece of time and get straight to the next active moment in the game.

Sleep until tomorrow will move your time forward to 8:00 the next day, no matter when you go to bed the day before. This is useful if you’re trying to do a lot of things in a single day, but you come across a point where you need all the characters in the game to wake up and start their routines again. Progress on more days can also move the story forward, as there is a long time to go between the main goals.

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