How to open chests or ammo boxes in low-gravity areas in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

One of the challenges in Week 6 of Season 7 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is to open chests or boxes of ammunition in low gravity areas. There are several different ways to accomplish this challenge, which we will go through in this guide.

First, players can get to Holly Hatchery, who replaced Holly Hedges. Here they will find a number of low gravity areas that cover various houses in the area, and these houses are full of prey and boxes of ammunition. Just running inside and exploiting should wrap up the challenge quickly.

The second way is to use the alien nanites that you find on the map. These can be thrown like a grenade, which creates a temporary area of ​​low gravity. When you throw them at a collection of chests or ammunition boxes, a low gravity field is created around them, which should then count towards the challenge.

Below are the challenges of the remaining week:

Epic tasks

  • Collect bars – (0/500) 30,000 XP
  • Spent Stripes – (0/500) 30,000 XP
  • Destroy equipment on hijackers – (0/3) 30,000 ZK
  • Open chests or ammunition boxes in low gravity areas – (0/3) 30,000 ZK
  • Deploy extraterrestrial nanites anywhere except Holly hatchery – (0/3) 30,000 ZK
  • Destroy the alien trees – (0/5) 30,000 ZK
  • Plant seedlings on Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Food Truck or FN Radio – (0/3) 30,000 XP

Legendary tasks

  • Get Sloane orders from the payphone (0/1) – 15,000 XP
  • Place Prepper supplies on Hayseed’s Farm (0/1) – 45,000 XP
  • Inflict damage on enemies on farms (0/25) – 30,000 ZK
  • Use Inflate-A-Bull (0/1) – 30,000 XP
  • Place cow baits on farms (0/3) – 30,000 ZK
  • Damage to the alien plate (0/25) – 30,000 ZK

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