How to not take freezing damage in Powder Snow in Minecraft

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The Powder Snow blocks in the mountains of your Minecraft world can be fun and deadly. When you bring a bucket there, you can pick it up and transfer the snow to other places. You can also leave the boiler up in the high mountains when it snows and fill it. However, when you stand on Powder Snow blocks, you fall into them. If you stay inside these blocks for too long, you will cause quite severe damage and your movement speed will decrease.

There are several ways to ensure that you do not damage it. The first is to wear leather shoes. With leather boots, you can jump on Powder Snow blocks and move over the top of them as if it were any other block. Usually, if you have leather boots on your character, you will not cause any damage, even if you move through Powder Snow.

The key to not freezing at all is to have one piece of leather armor on your figure. You can have a chest plate, helmet, leggings or boots to prevent it all. It is recommended to go with leather boots, because you get another advantage when walking on Powder Snow, while the chest plate, helmet and leggings do not provide it.

Whenever you decide to go to the mountains, do not forget to group and get lost from the powder snow. It can be difficult to avoid it when you have goats able to knock you in, or you wander too high up a mountain and it starts to snow and potentially accumulates around you.

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