How to move characters into your Serentiea Pot in Genshin Impact – companion move-in feature

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Update 1.6 Genshin Impact, which arrived on June 9, will allow players to move characters to their Serenity Pot. In principle, they will be able to have one or more of their characters living in the Serenite pot.

Companions can be invited to Serenite Pot by entering the bank and then going to the main menu. In the menu, where players usually choose the items and sets to place, they will now see a new Companion tab that allows them to send invitations to their characters.

Companions living in Serenitea Pot will deepen their bond with Traveler and will continue to acquire Companionship XP. This rate will increase with increasing energy assessment of adepts. The total number of partners that can be transferred to the sphere will be dictated by the Trust Rank. The maximum number of companions in which any empire can be home is eight. Accompanying places will always be marked on the minimap to make them easy to find, and players can converse with them in Serenitea Pot.

Every companion who stays in the Serenite pot has their favorite furniture. Passengers can get equipment plans at Realm Depot. Placing these sets in the realm may result in your companions being happy to give your gifts to Primogems.

After update 1.6, we will continue to update this article.

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