How to milk Goats in Minecraft

Goats can be bred and tamed in Minecraft. They are a useful animal that, thanks to its ability to jump high, can turn a mountain adventure into a quick walk. They can be a good animal to have as a companion. When you bring them back to the farm, you also have the opportunity to milk them, especially if you lure them away and have the right tools.

To make your life easier, you will want to tame a goat or lure it to a settlement with wheat. Goats are a passive crowd, so unless there are goats that scream, they shouldn’t be hostile to you, which quite easily distracts you. You have to have wheat in your hand to lure it. Once you have it in a good place, the next thing you will need is a bucket. All you have to do is communicate with the goat while holding the bucket and you will get a new bucket called a “milk bucket”. It is similar to any other milk that comes from animals in Minecraft.

You can drink the milk bucket at any time to remove the state effects from your character, or you can hold it and make a cake. The cake requires three buckets of milk, two sugars, eggs and three wheat, so you want to keep the goat a little if you want to help you bake the cake, or if you always want to have a supply near a bucket of milk.

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