How to make lava a renewable resource in Minecraft

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For the longest time, lava has been a means in Minecraft that mourners use to burn the world, or players use it to melt the resources they have extracted. No matter how you use the lava, the problem has always been that it has always been a limited resource. Eventually you will run out and have to look for the lava pool again. Fortunately, all that changed with the first update of Cliffs and Caves in Minecraft, which brought with it a whole new way of turning lava into a renewable resource. Here’s how to do it.

To create an endless source of lava, you need to buy a pointed dripstone and a cauldron. Unfortunately, before the second part of Cliffs and Caves comes out, the only way to do that in the world of survival is to trade with Wandering Trader, but if you’re okay with Creative, you can do the same.

First find the place where you want to place your boiler. Above this must be your pointed dripstone hanging from a non-flammable block. In fact, make sure all the blocks in the vicinity are safe from ignition. Now place the source lava block over the block from which the pointed dripstone hangs.

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When the above is in place, your pointed drip stone will slowly drip lava into the boiler below. As time goes on, it eventually fills with lava without carrying anything from the lava block above. While the boiler filling process will be slow, you will have a completely renewable and reusable source of lava on your fingertips.

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