How to make Green Dye in Minecraft

Picture taken over Mojang

In Minecraft, you can make more dyes and customize the various items you can make in the game. While the colors of items usually do nothing but make them look unique, it’s fun to be able to place your personal twist on an item inside your house. One of the many dyes you can make is green dye.

If you want to create a green dye, you will need to cut down and collect the cactus. You can find the cactus plant in any of the dry biomes in Minecraft, specifically in the badlands and deserts. You don’t need a special tool to break it. Instead, you can use your hand and the item should break to the ground, allowing you to pick it up and put it in inventory.

Once you have the cactus, you will need to bring it into the oven and put it in any fuel. The type doesn’t matter, so you can use any source you have in abundance to create the dye. After the cooldown timer runs out, you will be able to pick up your green dye from the oven and you can use it on any item that can be changed color.

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