How to make and extinguish fire in Sims 4

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Everyday life can tend to be a little monotonous, even in The Sims 4. You go about your life any way you choose, but sometimes you need something to mix things up. Sometimes it can be a huge fire that has the potential to destroy countless objects in your Sim’s house and endanger their lives. You can sing this Billy Joel song anything you want, but deep down we all know who actually started the fire. Here’s how to create and put out fires in The Sims 4.

Starting a fire

In The Sims 4, there are different ways to light a fire, but the most common is probably to have a Sim with a low level of cooking to cook food. So there is a chance that the grill or stove will light up and Simik and all the surrounding furniture will potentially rise in flames if the situation is not fast enough.

Other ways to start a fire include:

  • Place wooden furniture in front of or near a fireplace
  • A rocket ship crashes
  • Child Sim has been using the Science Table for too long
  • Breaking a lighted pumpkin
  • Use of Rose Perfume serum
  • Using DJ Booth for too long
  • Failure to use the constructor of the invention
  • Lighting fireworks inside
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If a fire breaks out, you will see a warning in the upper right corner of the screen. If items catch fire, they can be saved quickly, but may need to be replaced later. When a Sim ignites, he can potentially die if the fire is not extinguished quickly enough. If so, they will be dirty and need a bath to remove black marks from burning.


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Extinguishing fires is relatively simple and is often done automatically by adult Sims who see flames. If you want to take care of the fire by hand, click on the fire with the Sim, which is not currently consumed by the flames. You get two options: put out (put out the fire yourself) or call the fire department. However, if you wait until you turn to the fire brigade, you will probably lose more furniture and potentially your life as a Sim. It is important to note that only adult Sims can handle the fire extinguisher.

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