How to make a Potion of Healing in Minecraft

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Through video games and fantasy environments, healing potions are the most common form of potion production that everyone jumps on. It’s easy to see why, because they will often be what will save your life or at least increase the situation in your favor. Minecraft has a variety of potions options that may come in handy, no matter what you’re looking for. Here’s how to make a healing potion.

Before we start making the healing potion, make sure it is the right potion you are looking for. The healing potion will give you instant health the moment you drink it. On the other hand, the regeneration potion will slowly give you health that will return to you for a set period of time.

Like all other potions, you will need a Brewing Stand to create a healing potion. It can be made with one Blaze Rod and three Cobblestone. Be sure to place three water bottles in the bottom of the cooking rack to get three potions from this mixture.

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The ingredients you need for healing potion are Blaze Powder, Nether Wart and Glistering Melon. First, place the Blaze powder in the upper left area provided. This is your heating source. Next, insert the Nether Wart into the top slot and wait for the progress bar to complete. This turns the water bottles into awkward potions. They are not doing anything yet, but they have prepared you for the production of useful potions.

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When done, place the Glittering Watermelon in the top slot and wait for the progress bar. This will create your healing potion. Drink it when your heart is low to gain immediate health.

You can add other things to your potion to change it. If you place Glowstone Dust in the Brewing Stand after creating a healing potion, it upgrades it to the second level of the item. Place the Gunpowder in the slot and change it to Splash Potion of Healing, which prevents you from drinking the potion, but you can discard it to get the effect on anything in the splash circuit.

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