How to increase your score for a Standard Run in Slipways

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There are several modes in which you can play in Slipways, but you must first complete Standard Run mode and complete it with enough stars to unlock many. Your score reflects how many stars you receive at the end, and these stars allow you to unlock more game modes. We’ve played a few rounds to find out some of the better approaches you should consider when trying to reach the end of the game with the highest score.

There are several scoring factors that take into account your final rating at the end of Slipways. When playing, you should keep these things in mind and increase your score.

  • How many prosperous, successful and established planets do you have?
  • The size of your empire
  • How many tasks you have completed and how many are still waiting at the end of the game
  • Your overall Empire of Happiness
  • Editing jokes

The first part of creating powerful planets is to ensure that each of them is properly taken care of before you expand too much. By creating an established planet, your empire does not create any negative or positive happiness, and that is a good start. As your colonies become successful and prosperous, you will gain additional benefits that will increase the happiness of your empire and keep you in office. If you lose too much luck, you will be voted out and you will lose the game. Luck is an important part of staying in Slipways, but having an improved amount will give you extra points in the end.

As you gain more planets, the size of your empire will grow. The bigger your Empire and the happier your citizens are, the more you expand, the more points you get. Expansion is also a key factor in your happiness, because if you expand too much, your happiness will refuel, which can cause loss.

As you begin to expand at the beginning of the game, you will have a few tasks that will be introduced to you by selected board members that you selected before you began. Each of you will present tasks with you that reflect his research and how they play, so you should have an idea of ​​what their tasks will be like and should directly benefit you from completing them. You can choose only two of the three tasks. Once you have completed all these tasks, you will see another pair. If you still have to complete tasks at the end of the game, you will lose more points.

As mentioned earlier, the happiness of your Empire is essential to make your citizens eager to continue to expand and work throughout their empire. You can increase the happiness of your empire by upgrading the colonies to a successful and prosperous phase. It is also important to have colonies established. These colonies do not generate positive happiness, but they also do not generate anything negative.

The last thing you can do to increase your score is have a negative mood on your standard run. You can randomly select these coincidences before starting the game, as you choose which sector of the galaxy you want to play in. There are positive jokes, but they reduce your score. Negative jokes make it harder for the game, but in the end they increase your score.

It can be difficult to find the right balance to find the best way to complete your score. It is important to be careful about expanding your empire, but even staying too small and concentrating on positive happiness will not move you either.

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