How to increase how much Oxygen you have in Subnautica: Below Zero – Standard O2 Tank

The ability to explore depth in Subnautice: Below zero is vital, so staying under waves for as long as possible will be the goal of every player. Fortunately, players have access to devices that improve their oxygen supply.

The standard O2 Tank can be produced relatively early in the game. Players first receive a recipe for a standard O2 tank when they enter the Pod. They will need the following resources to do this.

  • Titanium x 2
  • Fiber Mesh

How to get titanium

When they first reach their pod, players will usually be limited to exploring nearby areas, but that’s fine. Titanium can be obtained by breaking small limestone outcrops at the bottom of the seabed.

Limestone outcrops look like bright gray stones and can be broken by interacting with them, players do not need any special tools to break them. When it breaks, Titan may drop, which players can then pick up by interacting with it.

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Limestone outcrops have a 50% drop in copper ore and a 50% chance of titanium falling, so it shouldn’t take players long to accumulate enough supplies.

How to get Fiber Mesh

Fiber Mesh is an important resource that you will need to make in Fabricator after harvesting the component you need. In this case, it is a Creepvine sample. To harvest a Creepvine specimen, you will first need a survival knife.

Once the knife is constructed, you can leave Pod and head left, near where the emergency cache is located. Along the way you will walk through tall vineyards with glowing plants. These vines are Creepvines. When you come to them and hack them with a knife, you get a sample of Creepvine, which you can then take to the Fabricator and make some Fiber Mesh.

Production and equipment of a standard O2 tank

Once a standard O2 Tank is created, it occupies six slots in its inventory. Players will need to do this correctly by moving it from inventory to the tank slot in the PDA.

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