How to heal yourself in Super Animal Royale

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As with Battle Royale, you need to properly manage resources in Super Animal Royale to have the best chance of survival. Sure, much of the game will depend on your shooting skills, but if you survive the encounter, you need to be able to properly prepare for the next one. If you fight less health than the enemy, you are preparing for defeat. With that in mind, here’s how to recover at the Super Animal Royale.

Healthy juice

The healing in Super Animal Royale is slightly different from what you will see in most Battle Royals. There are several ways to increase your health, but the primary way depends entirely on how full your cup is, on the right side of the screen. When there is liquid in your cup, you can drink it and slowly replenish your health. You can accomplish this by collecting Health Juice from the entire map. It is displayed with a cup icon with a medical cross.

At the beginning of each match, you will notice that your cup will be filled to 25. As you collect Health Juice, it will slowly fill until it reaches its maximum of 200. The maximum health a player can have at one time is 100, so holding a full cup will ensure that you will have a few full bars of health on hand if you survive. You can drink your animals faster by finding the Cupgrade, which is a golden power-up.

To start drinking Health Juice, press Q on PC or Y on Xbox.


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The second method of healing is to find a campfire. The camps are located randomly across the map and will slowly heal you and Emu’s health up to 60 when you stand next to her. When it reaches this threshold, the fire goes out until the end of the match. If it really hurts, you can combine this healing with Health Juice treatment for fast regeneration.

Coconuts and mushrooms

The last way to recover at Super Animal Royale is to finally collect coconuts or mushrooms. They are basically the same item, differing only in where you find them. Coconuts can be found on the beach, while mushrooms are in forest areas. When you pick them up, they heal you immediately for a small amount, so they don’t do a lot of healing, but for quick pickup, it’s helpful to find them in the wild.

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