How to heal villagers in Going Medieval

It is not easy to live off the ground and build a settlement from the ground up in Going Medieval. There are a lot of dangers facing your villagers outside of starvation and trying to build a roof over their heads. You must also worry about attacks by robbers and wild animals that force you to protect your country. No matter how good your villagers are, there is always a chance that they will cause damage or survive injury. There are some good ways to make sure they get the healing they deserve and to make sure they stay in bed, not go through the pain.

Whenever a villager needs any form of healing, go to the “tasks” tab at the top left of the screen and click to set the “tendencies” and “convalescence” tasks to the priority of task “1”. In this way, the villager’s top priority will be to tend to devote himself to other villagers or spend time lying in bed healing their wounds. A villager with a priority of “1” for “convalescence” always decides to spend time sleeping, healing his wounds over time, rather than doing manual work. Once all their wounds have healed, they will no longer have to rest and go out to complete their next tasks.

Alternatively, whenever a villager is injured, you want to make sure that your educated villagers in medicine have a “tendency” to set the priority to “1”. A villager with this priority set as the highest priority will try to injure the villager even if he has no treatment kits. While treatment kits are much more effective than standard treatment, any villager who knows medicine can gradually repair another’s injury.

You can always examine the villager’s wounds by clicking on them and going to the “plus” tab. You will receive a detailed breakdown of the villager’s health points, the amount of blood in their system if they are conscious, the amount of pain they suffer, how full they are and their types of wounds. Each type of wound has a different negative effect, which you can read by placing the cursor over the text.

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Once you have gained enough research, you will be able to learn about chemistry. You can achieve this by moving from architecture to agriculture, food preservation and cooking. Chemistry requires 30 chronicles, 15 textbooks and 15 diploma theses, which means that before you can learn about chemistry, you must unlock Research III and create an Advanced Research Table.

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