How to harvest a Wolf Fang, Boar Tusk, and three Chicken Feathers in Fortnite – Spire Challenges

Wolf fang, boar tusk and chicken feathers are required this week for one of Fortnite’s Spire Challenges. It’s as easy as tracking and hunting animals, which means you know where to find them on the map.

We have two great places that should get you all three animals and all three resources you need.

The first thing you need to do is head to Colossal Crops. On the south side of the farm you will find a pen with three boars. You can easily kill them to get what you need, in the form of a boar clan. It’s easy to notice because all items glow purple when they fall.

You will also find lots of chickens in the area south of the pen. Then head to Cluck’s house northwest of Lazy Lake. There are more chickens between Lake Primal and Lake Primal, and you should easily find three wolves that would breed for Wolf Fang.

Once you have all three, complete the remaining challenges (links below) and then return to Raz at Colossal Crops.

All the challenges of the Shrine of Tarana:

  • Find Taranu
  • Collect artifacts for Taran
  • Find the thieves and talk to them
  • Play the last recording
  • Collect the cult talisman from the Guardian
  • Where to get a cult artifact in the shrine
  • How to harvest Wolf Fang, Boar Tusk and three chicken feathers in Fortnite

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