How to hack a new outfit style in Knockout City

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Knockout City is fast becoming a popular fan title and has already amassed more than 5,000,000 unique players across all platforms. In addition to the occasional fun game and catchy soundtracks, one of its main attractions is the funky cosmetics available in the game. There are lots of clothes that players can unlock, each of which brings a unique taste to the table. In addition, each gear comes with three additional styles that players can “hack” or unlock.

Hacking new styles of clothing

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To hack a new style of clothing, select Customize Riot from the main menu. Once you’re there, select the Outfit option and then the clothes you want to hack. As mentioned earlier, each outfit in the game comes with three other styles. Once you have chosen your preferred style of clothing, unlock it with style chips. From now on, the only known method of earning Style Chips is to earn rewards as part of Street Rank.

Depending on the rarity of clothing, the number of style chips needed to hack a new style will vary. For regular clothing, each additional style will cost, for example, 1 style chip. But with epic clothing, each style will cost 4 style tokens. Remember that you can only hack new styles for your own clothes. Stylish chips are a rare resource in Knockout City, so don’t use them recklessly.

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