How to go fishing in Outbreak in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies

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Call of Duty Zombies has always been known to host some unexpected things that players can do. Whether it’s recruiting the souls of the undead to complete a goal or teleporting between dimensions, you’ll encounter a variety of things as you enter this mode. Season 3 Reloaded in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduced a completely unexpected activity that we bet on with very few Zombie players. Here’s how to fish in the Outbreak in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Fishing in Outbreak is a short little activity you can do to get your equipment free. To do this, you must go around the edge of the water and find a dead zombie sitting with a fishing rod between his legs. When zoomed in, a fishing rod icon will appear on the minimap, but it will not appear on the world map. You may also hear radio sounds when you are nearby.

When you find a fishing rod, go to it and communicate with it. Your operator will automatically lift it and throw the hose into the water. Now you have to watch out for the bobber in the water and wait for it to get underwater. Once you have done that, press R2, RT or left click to pull it out of the water. If you timed it correctly, you will see the object fly out of the water.

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You can get a wide range of items from fishing. Items you can get include essences, equipment, strips of support, a key to improve the rarity of weapons or a shoe that turns into an imitation when approached.

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You can use a fishing rod up to three times before it disappears, but there are several fishing rods on each Outbreak map that you can interact with. Be sure to keep searching the waterfront, find more fishermen and get free items.

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